Learn to Get Ripped Abs Quickly!

Posted: 13th August 2010 by Darren in How to get ripped abs
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Many of us have to train in the late afternoon or evening after work, and there is a tendency to eat more heavily during the day when you’re anticipating a late ride or run. However, most of these workouts are 60-90 minutes in length, so you really don’t need a huge amount of fuel for them. Try to avoid overcompensating with calories during the day, have your last big meal 2-3 hours before training and small (200-250 calorie) snack in the hour before training.

Start the workout a little hungrier than normal, and consume 120-240 calories per hour of carbohydrate (30-60 grams) during the workout. You’ll tend to eat less during the workout than you normally overcompensated with prior to it, but you’ll still have the energy to complete a quality workout.

A whole body exercise is most effective in lowering your body fat percentage. These types of exercises include barbell lifts and dumbbell swings and snatches. Cardio training and interval training can also help by accelerating your body’s metabolism.

An effective interval training workout would be to sprint for 30 seconds before slow jogging for 1 minute, and then repeating this process for around 10 minutes. It is highly effective for boosting your body metabolism.

Reduce your overall salt, sugar and simple carbohydrate intake. They’re just bad altogether Drink water regularly. Eat smaller portions more often throughout the day.

You can have the Ripped! Workout for an incredible price. It can cost hundreds of dollars to join a gym, and chances are it will not give you the opportunity to burn calories and build muscle so quickly. With the Ripped! Workout you can do the workout in the comfort of your own home and after only 3 to 4 weeks you will be in the best shape of your life – guaranteed.

The secret to getting ripped abs is extremely simple. I know this first hand because I have done it. Don’t waste your money on all this trendy crap. . . . Even though what I am about to tell you is pretty trendy. Eat a bowl of special K cereal (or similar) for breakfast and lunch. Maybe ad a banana and orange to it at lunch.

Sit down on a sit-up board and hook your feet under the strap. With your knees slightly bent, put your hands behind your head and your chin on your chest. Twist your upper body to the right. Retaining this position, inhale and lower your torso down until your lower back touches the board. Return to the starting position and exhale. Now twist your upper body to the left and repeat the same movement. A movement to the right and left is considered one repetition.

Proper nutrition is the key to fat loss. No matter how much or hard you train, you’ll never get visible abs if you live on crisps, sodas, fast food, cookies and other crap. Don’t fall for any of the low carb, low fat, high protein and other fad diets. Instead, eat a healthy and well balanced diet that includes various food groups – carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Resistance training not only sculpts your body but is important for building muscles. Like interval training, it raises your post workout metabolism so your body continues to burn calories even when you are doing nothing. Aim for low rep resistance training, i. e. 8 reps per exercise, as it has been shown to boost metabolism after the workout.

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