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If you’re looking for something to torch your biceps, a bicep blaster then the standing barbell curl is for you. This move is not only a favorite bodybuilding exercise for almost everybody but it is actually effective in building big arms. This move is not only a bicep blaster but it’s a proven exercise to swell your bicep and give it the size and mass that you really desire.

What you need to know about this bicep blaster is that it is a bicep compound movement. What does that actually mean? Well it means that this exercise utilize the most bicep fibers when performing it. It overloads the bicep and stimulates a rush of GH. (Growth hormone). This hormone is gold for you as a bodybuilder because the more growth hormone released into your body the bigger your biceps are going to grow so that’s why the standing barbell curl is a bicep blaster

Another reason why the standing barbell curl is a great bicep exercise is because as I mentioned before it is a compound movement so it stimulates all the bicep muscles at once. What that means is that you can probably stimulate all the muscle fibers of the bicep using this move. It also means using the maximum amount of weights possible. And the heavier the weights the bigger your bicep muscles will and can grow. You can’t lift heavy weights on a movement such as the concentration curls that’s why that particular exercise is made to sculpt and not to build big bulging muscles. For that you need to use heavy weights to force your biceps into growth.

So how do you perform this bicep blaster? Here is how you perform this exercise:

To perform this bicep blaster stand straight with a slight bend in your knees. Hold the barbell with an underhand grip and pick the weights up. Now lift the barbell towards your chest until you reach full contraction. Squeeze then slowly return to starting position

Form is very important when it comes to using this bicep blaster exercise. Don’t rock the weights up and down with momentum. Keep good form. The better your form the more your biceps are going to be involved and the more involved they are the bigger your going to get. Note that cheating a little towards the end of your set is advised to help you get through your set. Just keep in mind to use cheating as a helper and never make it a habit

This exercise is truly a bicep blaster, the reason being all that I explained above. Make it your goal to put this bicep blaster at the beginning of every workout and try to go as heavy as you can whiles watching your form and in no time you will build biceps you love to show off.

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