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I’ll cut to the chase regarding The Truth About Abs.
I’ve reviewed The Truth About Abs and truly believe that it is THE best ab workout program available.
But I found 2 serious flaws with The Truth About Abs program that I wanted to share with everyone before they invested their money in this program. These were 2 flaws that I had to personally find solutions to fill-in-the-gaps. Simply put, you’ll be wasting your money if buy The Truth About Abs the way it is. Continue reading to find out what I found and how I fixed them. . .
In the Truth About Abs, Mike Geary pulls no punches and gives you the truth on what it takes to get 6 pack abs. In fact, he overdelivers with his product, which can overwhelm not only the rookie, but the advanced gym-goer as well.
The Truth About Abs covers a TON of topics that include:
* The exact science behind getting defined abs – Why multi-joint exercises will always outperform single-joint exercises (after reading this, I realized that my current workout program was ENTIRELY WRONG!)
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* The myth that cardio is the “answer” – Why doing too much cardio and crunches might actually stop you from getting a 6 pack (this totally goes against conventional wisdom, but the evidence is there to back every single word written in The Truth About Abs)
* Proper Diet & Nutrition – The two hidden monsters in our diet that are preventing us from burning fat, no matter how much we exercise (I was guilty of this one!)
* Advanced secret weapon exercises that aren’t focused on your abs, but work your abs better than any crunch could (this blew my mind!)
* Over 50 exercises that will help you get a 6 pack. . . exercises you probably have not ever seen before!
So, you can see how I could have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information in The Truth About Abs. In fact, it took me 3 whole days of doing nothing but reading The Truth About Abs to get my hands around the exercises and diet habits enlisted by Mike Geary.
I have to tell you, Mike Geary knows his stuff and presents it in a way that is easy to understand. He is truly a guru, and The Truth About Abs is the real deal. But, even with this wealth of information, there are 2 obvious things missing from The Truth About Abs.
Honestly, I couldn’t believe that Mike Geary didn’t have this as part of his Truth About Abs program. So what was I to do? Like they say, necessity is the mother of all invention, so I had to create these two items myself.
And like I said previously, The Truth About Abs covers all the material in very good detail. But when I started to implement the program, I was running into stumbling blocks that were stopping me from getting the results that I wanted. So I created 2 tools to help increase the effectiveness of my workouts.
I’d like to share the 2 tools I created, so that you are aware of what can be done to help your workouts.
What was the first solution?
Like I said before, there is a TON of information in The Truth About Abs, and so much to absorb. There was no possible way that I could memorize the workout routines that Mike Geary put out in full detail. There were so many different exercises that I have never heard of, and didn’t know how to perform correctly.
So I had to bring The Truth About Abs to the gym. Do you know how inconvenient that was? I had to flip through pages & pages trying to find the right exercise and how to do it. It was both embarrassing and inefficient.
To solve this, I personally recorded the workout routines on MP3 files, detailing each exercise in the same order as in The Truth About Abs. I walk through each exercise, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to properly perform each exercise.
To help myself out when I was at the gym, I recorded:
1. How to correctly hold the weight & proper body positioning – This way, I didn’t have to think about it anymore. . . I just followed my instructions and to do the exercises correctly.
2. What muscle I should feel “working” – I know exactly where I should feel my muscles ‘squeeze’ and ‘flex’ to get maximum results.
Then I downloaded these files to my iPod (or any other MP3 player) which I followed along at the gym. No lugging around any books, flipping pages trying to find out how to do each exercise while somebody is waiting for my bench.
It’s like having a trainer with me every step of the way!
What was the second solution?
In The Truth About Abs, Mike Geary lays out workout routines in great detail. His workouts are very creative, and truly involve your entire body to get you strong, toned abs.
But he doesn’t provide a way to track your workouts!
If there was one tip that I could give to anyone who wants true results from their workout program, it would be this. . . TRACK YOUR RESULTS! Like the saying goes, “What gets tracked, gets results. ” That holds very true in this case.
I painstakingly created workout tracking sheets that I could just print them out, put them into a binder, and bring with me to the gym to track my results. Each sheet represents one workout. I took the exact workout routine from The Truth About Abs and put it into a format where I could track my performance for each workout.
Each exercise is already filled in, so I didn’t have to remember which exercise to do. And the Truth About Abs workout tracking sheets are synchronized with the Truth About Abs MP3 files above to keep my workout fluid and efficient. All I have to do is fill in your results.
The funny thing is, I didn’t even believe it myself, but I got stronger each workout when I started tracking my results. I lifted more weight and performed more reps simply because I knew what I did the last workout, and wanted to outdo it. Coincidence? I think not.
So, as you can see, The Truth About Abs provides a wealth of information to you. The core knowledge provides all the information you need to get six pack abs. But it is lacking in 2 areas: having an audio workout that you can follow along in the gym AND a way to track your workout performance.
But now you have the solutions for those 2 missing elements in Truth About Abs, which should jumpstart you on your journey for six pack abs. Use them in combination with The Truth About Abs and your goal of ripped, defined abs will follow.
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