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The secret to muscle mass, are you struggling with adding size don’t look any further follow these tried and tested methods and you will soon see a massive difference.  

 Now some people are gifted when it comes to muscle mass and gaining weight and some people have to work at it but don’t worry if you are a hard gainer it just takes a little more effort.

 Let’s put some bullet points down to make it clear what has to be done.

 1. Gain: weight the obvious one eating and eating right, this doesn’t mean junk it means good clean calories E.g. carbohydrates eat more than you body needs not too much or it will turn to fat, good carbohydrates like oats, potatoes,yams,brown homeal bread,brown rice, it doesn’t matter going of track a couple of times a week and eating some of your favourite foods as this will keep you sane and shock the body into burning a little more fat instead of mass.

 2. Protein: now this isn’t as important as the carbohydrates while putting on mass but is still important as without it we don’t build muscle I like to eat more red meats to give me my fat intake that I need for my body’s joints and to put on the mass, whey protein is the best for a quick protein intake, eat at least 2lb of protein per 1lb of body weight.

 3. Training: in my mass stages when I am trying to get maximum muscle mass i like to train heavy with quite allot of rest in-between the rest gives me a chance to go heavy and hit them slow stitch fibres to the max i don’t train like this week in week out i still chop and change the exercise routines

By putting in super sets, drop sets, triple super sets this keeps the muscles guessing but it is all based around having the weight heavy enough to gain mass.

 4. Compound exercises: these are exercises like squats, dead lifts, flat bench presses these are great for releasing hormones and thickening up the body without them you won’t get that dense thick mass you are after.

 5. Rest: without resting you don’t recover, it may sound lazy but try not to overdo the cardio don’t take it out of the training schedule completely as it will keep your heart fit for when you start to strip back but don’t take too much weight of as well.

 6. Sleeping get a full 8 hours sleep a night you have probably heard this before but it is important as this is when you really grow and release those hormones.

 7. Peanut butter. My little secret have a scoop of peanut butter in the morning and just before you go to bead this is a fantastic source of protein and once again releases hormones to help build that muscle mass.

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