Olympic Style EZ Curl Bar

Posted: 13th August 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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Olympic Style EZ Curl Bar

  1. OverTheMoon says:

    Great Bar. . . but a straight barbell is better

    The reason why these bars are so popular, and are found in so many gyms, is because it is easier to handle than a straight barbell that requires you to have your wrists turned 180 degrees, palms up, compared to the EZ Curl Bar’s 135 degree, palms at a 45 degree angle, making it easier to life weights and certainly more comfortable.

    Sadly comfort does not translate to better workout for bigger muscles. Science has proven that a straight barbell is better for bicep training than the EZ. In short, it is a better workout to have those wrists locked at 180 degree turns. Also you can do more types of workout with a straight bar than you can with an EZ curl bar. See bodybuilder. com or exrx. net, or get a good weights/bodybuilding book for information on exercises with a straight barbell versus the EZ. You will find that the straight bar offers lots of variations in the workout. The EZ does not.
    Rating: 4 / 5