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Having a set of ripped abdominals is the ultimate prize of physical fitness. Most individuals like biceps, some like pecs, but everyone wants ripped abs. A good set of abs is considered to be the sexiest thing a man can have physically by women in almost every survey ever done. What does it really take to reach this target though?If you wish to transform your body, there are 3 areas of focus. Although it is possible to get ripped abs at home, and I will show you how, if you can manage it, it is always better to go to the gym. For those who have a membership with a fitness center all you’ll need do is go.

When you’re there what else are you going to do but workout? There’s next to no resistance against getting into the car and driving somewhere. That recommendation thrown out, we’ll discuss home-based solutions for ripped abdominals. The first on the list that’s essential to obtaining ripped abdominals is your diet. I could talk until I’m blue in the face about how crucial this is to changing your body. If you aren’t eating right, your energy levels will tank, your cravings for junk foods will rise, and the only thing you will do is gain fat. It’s far easier to consume a thousand calories that it is to burn it. With the right food and right desire you could polish off that many calories in a few minutes, but it would take hours of intense exercise sessions to burn it back off. Be careful with how many calories you cut back in your diet though. Quantity is crucial, but so is quality. If you are on a high-quality diet, it becomes tough to consume a lot of calories at all.

And forget about fasting totally. When you aren’t getting a steady stream of nutrient-rich energy, the first thing your body will burn off is muscle. You will shed weight, but not the kind you want. The body does this to ensure survival. Muscle burns up energy far much more quickly than fat does. Without all the muscle the body can run on fat for significantly longer. The easiest method to get your diet in the right place is to notice how much you eat in an average day, and if you’re losing, gaining, or maintaining weight on it at the end of the week. Note that there are daily weight fluctuations, so in case you don’t currently know this, it may take longer than you’re comfortable with. Your aim is 500-750 calories below your weight maintenance level. If you find this tough, you might wish to switch to organic meals. The processing of foods leads to higher calories and lower nutrients. It is through food processing that the concept of “empty calories” was started. The next element is your workout.

Activities with high caloric expenditures are your primary focus when seeking ripped abdominals. You have numerous options for kinds of exercise in or around your house. The ones you might be familiar with consist of running, interval sprints, rope jumping, and body weight exercises. There are other variations you may not have heard of, such as “turbulence training (this is more or less free weight circuit training)” and plyometic body weight training. The bulk of these will need no further explanation, but for the ones that do I’ll give a quick overview.

The aim of turbulence training in this is rapid busts of energy. Resistance exercises are performed in rapid succession until your heart is racing so much you need to quit. Repeat this after a short break. For body weight workouts there are jump-squats, pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups (or almost any traditional abdominal workout), burpees, mountain-climbers, shoulder presses (this variation you may either put your feet on a chair and your hands on the ground with your body at a 90 degree angle and press your body up and down with your hands, or you may do this from hand-stand position), lunges, etc. The plyometic versions are just carried out more explosively, using all of your energy. Whether pushing or pulling you are doing it as hard as you can, your hands should come up off the ground for push-ups, and you should leap as high as you can for jumping exercises. The last of the trio is inside your head, mindset and how you commit to your program. To get ripped abs at home, you’ll need that never say die attitude. You stick to your diet and exercise plan on days you feel like it, and days you don’t.

The latter is what makes or breaks the quest in most cases. Develop your reasons why you want ripped abs to carry you through the tough times. Try and find a workout partner that is obsessed with exercising and does so fanatically. If you’re indeed doing this at home, try and set up a room or area dedicated solely to working out. By doing this you develop the same association to that area that you would if you had stepped into a fitness center. Your energy levels and dedication won’t be the same if you’re in a place you’d normally watch TV or sleep. This trick is to help eliminate distractions. How good is your workout going to be if you’re thinking about what’s on TV or what you need to get from the store later? Do what you can to ensure you are focusing entirely on the exercises you are doing. If you don’t put all 3 together, you will not have the results you would like. Getting ripped abdominals is a full-time job, so treat it as such.

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