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Do it Ronnie’s Way!!  The Complete Ronnie Coleman Training Book

In this brand new book from the publishers of Muscle & Fitness and FLEX , multi-time Olympia champion Ronnie Coleman —the most dominant force in bodybuilding today —Ronnie Coleman training book reveals his amazing training secrets. For the first time in one complete collection, Ronnie outlines his championship workouts for every bodypart, along with the training tips, tricks and dieting techniques he used to craft his incredible 287-pound physique.

In this power-packed, full-color, 176-page book, you’ll find:

>>Detailed instruction on over 50 of Ronnie Coleman’s all-time favorite exercises

>>Every meal of his off-season mass-gain plan,and the precontest diet he uses to get sliced and ready for battle

>>Specific advice on getting more from your workouts than you ever thought possible,maintaining your motivation, increasing your strength,and more!

>>A special Q&A where Ronnie Coleman answers questions straight from his fans about training.

This Really is a serious bit of kit and a must have if you are looking to get ahead in the world of bodybuilding.

Ronnie Coleman hardcore training

Ronnie Coleman hardcore training

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