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Six pack abs exercise used to consist solely of sit ups, crunches and cardio. Through research, it was discovered that doing only ab specific exercises were actually the least most effective exercises if you wanted to get a six pack. So what should you being doing if you want washboard abs? Here are 3 workouts that will get you tight, toned abs fast: 1. Staircase Workouts All the stars in Hollywood are using staircase workouts to achieve a great looking body and flat abs. Working out on stairs is a highly effective way to burn calories and belly fat. Also, stairs are readily available almost any where. You could go to a stadium or football field or even in your own home. 2. Mountain Biking Stationary bikes are out and mountain biking is in! Get out and give yourself a great workout at your local park and hit the trails. Make sure there is a variety of terrain to maximize your workout. This type of exercise primarily strengthens your legs, but will melt fat from your belly and entire body fast. 3. Skipping Rope A good workout to warm you up and get the blood pumping. Mix up your routine with one legged and two legged jumping. Speed is key, so do like the boxers do and get going fast. You will burn fat quickly and get your metabolism working. These do not sound like your traditional six pack abs exercise routines but combining these workouts with other intense full body training techniques and you have the perfect recipe for success.

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