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Anyone looking to lose fat gain muscle should be aware that while the overall process is quite simple, actually following the path isn’t. This is because personal motivation plays a significant role and you are likely to see instant gratification. When it comes down to it there are several key factors that you need to consider so let’s quickly identify how you can lose fat and gain muscle effectively.

It is first very important that you sit down and take all of your measurements and work out your statistics so that you can set goals. Way yourself and work out what your ideal weight is. Take measurements around your body and consider the specific muscle measurements you would prefer to have. Also take a body fat percentage measurement and consider what your ideal body fat percentage would be. At the same time you should specify a specific timescale for you to achieve your goals.

Goalsetting is certainly an extremely important part of the process and therefore this should never be skipped. Most people who are trying to lose fat and gain muscle will simply ignore this and will just are going to the gym and eating more correctly. However, it is important for you to really specify what your goals are so you have a defined path to follow. This is by far the best way to actually achieve your goals.

Of course, when it comes to the practical elements of actually losing weight and gain muscle there are three main components to consider. One of these will be nutrition and this is certainly by far the most important factor to consider when looking to lose weight. In order to develop a suitable diet you should consult both nutritionists and personal trainers.

When it comes to actually putting on muscle it will be extremely important for you to build a suitable workout routine that you can follow. While that nutrition is very important in feeding your muscles correctly, working out is the only way for you to break them down so that they can regrow.

In order to develop the schedule you need to consider professional advice from fitness experts and personal trainers. Follow what others have done in order to see the best results rather than trying to develop your own routine. Make sure, however, that you are able to fit in a workout schedule that slots in with your other commitments.

Incorporate cardiovascular exercises into your routine as well. Not only is cardiovascular exercise important at helping you to supercharge your body’s fat burning ability through raised heart rate and metabolism, but it will also help to deliver the necessary oxygen that the muscles need in order to grow.


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