Product DescriptionStephanie Huckabee’s program includes 5 innovative 20-minute workouts targeting specific areas of the body on different days to maximize toning. By using a combination of static and dynamic moves that flow easily, you won’t have to spend hours and hours working out to change the way your body looks. The PowerFit program incorporates a resistance band so you can do it anytime and anywhere without worrying about the hassles of complicated equipment. The moves are easy. . . More >>

Stephanie Huckabee’s PowerFit Total Body 5 DVD Workout

  1. Summer says:

    I have been using these DVDS for about a month. I am 55 and have been working out faithfully for the last 15 years (when my kids were old enough to not need me every second!) I have at at least 50 different tapes and dvds I have used over the years besides using my treadmill and elliptical machine. I’m at the point of just wanting to maintain a decent level of fitness without wearing myself out so I’m totally exhausted when I’m done working out. So, since I’ve always preferred Stephanie Huckabee’s FIRM workouts over most of the other FIRM workouts, I wanted to try these. 5 DVDS each 20 minutes. I do 2 DVDS each time and don’t use the cardio one since I run. This is a basic workout that hits all the muscle groups and not to hard with the purple band. I am going to buy stronger bands to make it tougher. (The purple one that came with it tore already. ) If you are new to exercising this is a great place to start or like me just want to take it easy but still maintain muscle tone this will do it. I also have arthritis and this is easy on my joints. This is NOT P90X, but a fun easy-going workout that you will feel. And I just like Stephanie Huckabee as a person!
    Rating: 5 / 5