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It is often the males who would like to have bigger biceps and triceps muscles and in fact, much attention is given to this body part. This is done in order to make the arms grow bigger which is what most females are attracted to. Here are some of the arm exercises or the biceps and triceps workout routines that you can conveniently do.
1. The Cable Pushup – The cable pushup is performed as a kind of a flushing movement. In this routine, you would need a medium length bar. To start the routine, position your body on a straight up position and then perform the pushup as straight as possible with the elbows tuck in and the focus should be on the triceps. Perform at least three sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions per set and then try to keep each repetition controlled and concentrated. Then as you reach the bottom position, squeeze the triceps for one or two seconds.
2. The Lying Barbell Extension – To perform the exercise, what you need to do is to secure a barbell extension with the use of a cambered bar. The routine is performed on three sets with the first set as a warm up set. Each set is to be performed for at least twenty repetitions. The motion is just to stretch the triceps at the bottom and to squeeze it on top.
3. The Seated One-Arm Dumbbell Extension – One of the things that you would observe those who want to develop their triceps are that most of the triceps are stuck out from the side. This is one of the hard exercises since what you do here is to perform the routine without resting before going to the start position. Hence, all throughout the routine, you have to maximize the pump’s intensity and to use the full range of motion. You would know if you are doing it the right way because you would feel a hard squeeze at the top and a tight squeeze on the bottom which signifies that you are getting the maximum peak contraction. Perform the routine for at least three sets of 15 repetitions per set.
4. The Dips – The dips are usually performed after a cable pushup in order to blasts the triceps. What you need here is a grip that is wider than a shoulder width and a plate in between your legs to add more resistance. This is often associated with the chest routine exercises but the technique is not to lean too far forward. Do at least three sets of twelve to fifteen repetitions per set and make sure to squeeze your triceps at the top.
5. The Preacher Bench Curls – For your biceps, you can try the preacher bench curls. Start with a 35-pound bar with two dimes on each side of the bar. You need to add at least 5 pounds on each side every time you reach the start position until you reach 145 or 155 pounds of weight. Thus this would take at most 8 – 9 sets.
In performing these routines, bear in mind that you should perform each without cheating otherwise all your efforts would end up without any result.

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