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If you’re looking for something to torch your biceps, a bicep blaster then the standing barbell curl is for you. This move is not only a favorite bodybuilding exercise for almost everybody but it is actually effective in building big arms. This move is not only a bicep blaster but it’s a proven exercise to swell your bicep and give it the size and mass that you really desire.

It won’t take a hard look to notice that the biceps are made out of two part. A long head and a short head. In any decent bicep exercise both are activated. The biceps job is elbow flexion not to mention forearm supination (supination meaning your ability to twist your bicep in and out. The shoulder muscle is also involved in any bicep exercise you might perform

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How to get big biceps is one of the first questions many beginner and amateur bodybuilder ask. In fact, just under 35 million people ask Google this question every month! Why would so many people want to know how to get big biceps? Well put simply, owning a pair of fully defined rock hard biceps […]


I am preparing for a wedding (mother of bride), and I need to BULD MY FEMALE BICEOPS AND THAT TONED ZEY LOOK WITH my arms and back What can I do and what should I do? Female biceps are usually a trouble area for most women as they tend to be under developed are therefore […]

Bicep Workout For Bigger Arms

Posted: 6th October 2010 by Darren in Bicep Exercises
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Everyone seems to be looking on the web for the hardest bicep workout to help them build bigger arms in less time. Yes there are a lot of decent biceps routines on the internet, I really think that it’s important to prioritize your biceps training appropriately.

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Individuals always judge the fitness capability, the strength and the physique of someone that they encounter just by merely looking at the arms. Well, this could really be true because more muscle mass means more strength, nonetheless, not all people who have large arms are strong enough to take some fitness challenges. The shape alone are not able to establish the person’s endurance and over all health and fitness performance. Most people while not all would want to improve their arm’s girth and produce every cut seen. To be able to develop the scale, the strength and also the definition that everyone is seeking, take a look and discover for yourself this programs efficiency. This program is recommended about three to four times a week with rests between workouts. This sleeve busting workout will help you achieve the most gains in no time.

The Top Triceps Exercises for Bigger Arms

Posted: 2nd September 2010 by Darren in triceps training
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The triceps muscles make up over three quarters of the upper arm, yet they are often times neglected by bodybuilders who underestimate their value. If you want to make your upper arm look strong, muscular, and powerful, you will want to work on building muscle mass in your triceps. There are a great number of […]

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Whenever I’m at the gym I see people trying to build big biceps and triceps in ways that train everything except these muscles. A common error is performing what should be an isolation exercise as a compound movement. Isolation exercises are designed to force the targeted muscle to perform with minimal assistance from other muscle […]

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This article is all about the most effective way to put your Triceps on a one-way ticket to growthsville with these triceps training tips. Contrary to popular belief, its not Biceps that fill out shirtsleeves it is the Triceps. They make up two thirds of our Arms total mass, yet remain, for most people a […]