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47″ Olympic Style EZ Curl Bar Designed to Increase Upper Arm Mass, Strength & Definition Isolates Biceps & Forearms Chrome Finish Weight: 20 lbs. Product DescriptionThis affordable, quality USA Sports 47 Olympic Curl Bar by Troy Barbell is designed to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition through the isolation of the biceps and forearm […]

Kettlebell Biceps vs Barbell Biceps!

Posted: 15th October 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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Many of my clients often ask me-‘Hey I know kettlebells are great for fat loss and strength, but what can I do to isolate my biceps with them. And are they better than barbells?’ Of course there is! And they most definitely  are! Completing some additional specific bicep work with kettlebells is actually a fantastic […]

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Whether you’re trying to build big, muscular biceps at home or at a gym, you must understand the limitations and drawbacks of standard barbell curls. Like many beginning bodybuilders, when I started my arm training I thought barbell curls were best for building big, muscular biceps. But it wasn’t long before I learned that this […]