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Product DescriptionForget those expensive ab infomercial gadgets — all you need for toned abs and a strong, defined, flexible body is an exercise ball and Get on the Ball for Great Abs. In her first book, Get on the Ball, fitness expert Lisa Westlake showed just how fun and easy it is to get in […]

Product DescriptionThe perennially popular yoga, ballet and pilates all owe their success to what has become the latest buzzword in fitness: Core Strength. Core strength refers to the torso muscles – from the glutes and abs to the back and neck – those muscles that literally keep you standing tall, strong and erect. Athletes and […]

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If you need to acquire your own rocky and sexy six pack abs you must do ab efficient workouts. This doesn’t imply that just the ab workout will shed off your stomach fat to a wanted extent; rather you are required to do it in order to get a sexier flat belly. Nevertheless, there is […]

Yoga Abs: Moving from Your Core

Posted: 16th September 2010 by Darren in How to get ripped abs
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Product DescriptionA unique vocabulary exists that ascribes a variety of emotions to the belly: “my guts are in a knot,” “I knew it in my gut,” “gut-wrenching,” and “no guts, no glory. ” Yet too often, more emphasis is placed on the way the abdomen looks than how it feels and functions – a sterling […]