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According to the fitness mantra propagated by many of the fitness Gurus of today it is said that the fitness programs cannot cater to a dual purpose at the same time and thus, the dream of losing weight and building muscles at the same time is a far-fetched one. The trick is to focus on a singular goal – either losing weight or muscle building – so that you achieve success on your path to fitness. Unlike the myths propagated by the fitness Gurus if you do stick to the below mentioned fitness regime it is definitely possible to get rid of all that unwanted fat and also build some strong muscles.

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Knowing how to do biceps exercises without weights is a must for me especially when I am somewhere were there isn’t any workout equipment like on holiday, or if I am visiting my parents who live over 100 miles away and don’t have a local gym to go to.

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Getting huge biceps is probably the first thing most people aim for when starting out in weight training.

  When it comes to workingout my abdominals I like to keep it short like my biceps workouts. I train my abs twice a week making sure I have completely recovered from my last abdominal workout. The workouts are only about 15 minutes long as i like to keep the reps high and keep the […]

Protein Calculation Formula: The secret to figuring out how much protein you need to increase muscle mass and size is not by just taking some number you found like 30g and apply it to yourself. If everybody had the same needs we would all be the same. And we both know that just isn’t true. Each […]

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If you think that building muscle is going to be a walk in the park and that you can simply enter the gym, “go through the motions” and then go home, you are sadly mistaken. The reality is that if you want to experience any appreciable gains in muscle size and strength, you’re going to […]

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This muscle-building technique should form the underlying basis for your entire weight training schedule. When it comes to structuring a proper approach in the gym, this is the most important overall factor, bar none. Everyone is so obsessed with all of the specific principles in the gym (such as exercise selection, rep ranges, which days […]

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This is first and foremost on the list. Beyond planning a proper workout schedule with all of the right exercises, sets, reps and rest periods lies this one simple rule of muscle growth… In order to build muscle, you must consume more calories than you burn! This is a basic biological law of muscle growth, […]

You’ll need to always ensure that your caloric intake exceeds your caloric expenditure. That’s all fine and dandy, but it really only tells us half of the story. Sit down and feast on big macs, ice cream cones and potato chips and your caloric intake would easily exceed your caloric expenditure… but do you think […]