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There are three things that a real man should be proud of. The size of his shoulders, the firmness of his chest and the size of his arm muscles. If all of these are kept at optimum fitness levels then a real man can be proud of his physical condition. The biceps are one of […]

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Here is a list of some of the best exercises to build your biceps muscles. They should give you the best bicep workout. Standing straight-bar curls It is the best overall exercise workout to build large and well rounded biceps muscles. This exercise is designed to produce lots of muscle by low reps of heavy […]

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For those of you who want to have large biceps muscles that will make the women stare and the men look away in fear then there are a number of different routines and rules your should remember. Compound biceps exercises are a great way to build lots of strong muscle quickly; isolation bicep exercises will […]