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Product DescriptionForget those expensive ab infomercial gadgets — all you need for toned abs and a strong, defined, flexible body is an exercise ball and Get on the Ball for Great Abs. In her first book, Get on the Ball, fitness expert Lisa Westlake showed just how fun and easy it is to get in […]

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Whilst a very straightforward exercise, the key is to build up gradually, making sure that you develop your back muscles adequately as well, to carry the extra burden. So never try to do this exercise too quickly, or build up the weight steps you use too fast either. For this bodybuilding exercise, you usually use […]

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Washboards Abs can be a work over in trying to achieve with the wrong approach. A lot of people think by doing crunches constantly will make them to have flat firm abs but this will only increase muscle size in the abdomen and six packs that will not last very long. I use to thing […]

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It is often the males who would like to have bigger biceps and triceps muscles and in fact, much attention is given to this body part. This is done in order to make the arms grow bigger which is what most females are attracted to. Here are some of the arm exercises or the biceps […]