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Getting huge biceps is probably the first thing most people aim for when starting out in weight training. The thought of going out with your friends and being noticed instead of them because of your biceps. I have got to admit when I first started training I know I worked on getting huge biceps and didn’t concentrate on […]

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The first thing required of you as a display of strength of fitness is a good bulging bicep. No one outside the gym is likely to put you a bench to see how much weight you can “bench” though this is often the hallmark of strength inside the gym. Often, you will be asked you […]

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So you want to get big huge muscular arms. Do not ignore your triceps training. In gyms everywhere, you will see people doing bicep curls after bicep curls. If someone were to ask them to show their muscles, they will most likely flex their biceps. How about you? Well, since you are reading this article, […]

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When weight trainees think arm training, they usually first think of training biceps and all sorts of curl movements.   However, the triceps make up about two thirds of the upper arm mass!  If you want to build your arms to their fullest potential, you need to focus on the triceps.   Here is one […]