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Posted: 6th October 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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Biceps workout can be designed with a combination of a variety of exercises to develop bigger biceps but there are a few that will really give the biceps mass and these are the standing bicep curl and the seated dumbbell curl But first understand that the bicep muscles are a small muscle that really get […]


An effective Biceps workout is one in which your biceps are worked hard in the shortest period of time A good bicep workout will have a few key bicep exercises to develop bigger biceps the best in building big bicep mass are the standing bicep curl and the seated dumbbell curl When it comes to […]

Best Exercises for Triceps Mass

Posted: 29th September 2010 by Darren in triceps training
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The triceps are one of the most underrated muscle groups.   After all, they contribute a lot more to your overall arm size than your biceps, and they are an important muscle group in all pressing exercises.   Is there a lifter out there who doesn’t want bigger arms and a bigger bench press?With this […]

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Written by: Andy Salazar B. A. Physical Education, C. P. T Guaranteed Fit. Quit wasting precious time at the gym wandering around aimlessly wondering which body part to work and follow my sure fire plan to get in killer shape faster then you ever thought possible. Stop your traditional style of weight training and […]

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One of the most popular muscle groups to focus upon is the chest, with many bodybuilders seeking significant muscle mass in the pecs through performing many sets of heavy bench pressing. Despite most weight lifting routines centering upon the bench press as the main upper body muscle building exercise, there are numerous bodybuilders who produce […]

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So you want big biceps and you are wondering “what bicep exercises Should I do?” Yes you have tried all the bicep exercise like standing bicep curl but you are not seeing the gains you want Another good bicep exercise you have used is the preacher curl but again no gains to speak off When it comes to the best bicep exercises there are no set good ones, they all work but the magic happens when you do them the right away ,

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Build Muscle Without Weights
You can build muscle without weights . The vast majority of people can add a good deal of muscle mass to their bodies without the use of weight lifting equipment. In this article we will take a closer look at the benefits of building muscles without the use of weights. We will look at two specific ways to bulk up without weights. And we will show you some specific exercises that will help you increase the size of your muscles with no weights involved.

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Triceps and biceps go together like peas in a pod, what I mean is without big triceps your biceps will look flat, so making sure you workout both sets of muscle groups is a must.
Now I like to workout my triceps with my chest and my biceps on their own or with my back, but sometimes to shock the muscles back into growth or just to change the routine a little I train triceps biceps together.

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Knowing how to do biceps exercises without weights is a must for me especially when I am somewhere were there isn’t any workout equipment like on holiday, or if I am visiting my parents who live over 100 miles away and don’t have a local gym to go to.