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Hi everyone!Improving your pressing power is the key on how to get massive strength in your triceps.   Below are 4 explosive exercises that I want you to implement at the end of your next tricep workout in order to help you build and develop massive power.   These four exercises are to be done […]

5 Exercises to Build Massive Biceps

Posted: 12th September 2010 by Darren in Bicep Exercises
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1. EZ Bar Preacher CurlsThe EZ bar preacher curl is one of my all time favorite biceps exercises. The preacher bench is a terrific training tool as it forces the biceps to work in relative isolation from the back and shoulders. Unlike standing barbell curls which usually involve biceps-cheating torso swing, preacher curls keep your […]

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Your triceps are what give your arms the appearance of being huge, not your biceps. If you want huge arms you need to train triceps and train them hard. Thickness comes from breaking down muscle fibers so they can adapt to being worked hard again and again. No one ever produced massive arms without massive triceps.