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An Intensive Way to Build Up Those Biceps

Posted: 15th September 2010 by Darren in Biceps exercises
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This article will make an in-depth discourse into how you can use two tried and proven techniques of building and increasing the size of your biceps. These techniques are the standing straight bar curls and the standing-alternate dumbbell curls. Standing straight bar curls: These are without a doubt the most effective bicep growing exercises that […]

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Are you looking to get totally ripped abs, or will you settle for abs that are firm and flat without being anything else? It doesn’t really matter what your choice is because to begin with you will need to work your abs in the same manner. It’s only when you reach the point of having firm flat abs that you will need to decide whether you want to maintain the status quo, or whether you want to proceed further down the path to get totally ripped abs.

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Notorious for the “arm jiggle”, the triceps and biceps are often underworked muscles that don’t get enough attention or adequate training to turn flabby arms into chiseled pythons. Whether you want to look svelte in a sleeveless dress or want to become stronger, toning up your arms by incorporating a thorough triceps training program is important.