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With the obesity epidemic that is going on today, a diet patch seems like it might be a miracle cure.

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Diet And Nutrition – Im Fat How Can I Lose Weight – Natural Ways To Lose Weight Fast Free Online Articles Directory Why Submit Articles? Top Authors Top Articles FAQ AB Answers Publish Article 0 && $. browser. msie ) { var ie_version = parseInt($. browser. version); if(ie_version Hello Guest Login Login via Register Hello […]

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47″ Olympic Style EZ Curl Bar Designed to Increase Upper Arm Mass, Strength & Definition Isolates Biceps & Forearms Chrome Finish Weight: 20 lbs. Product DescriptionThis affordable, quality USA Sports 47 Olympic Curl Bar by Troy Barbell is designed to increase upper arm mass, strength and definition through the isolation of the biceps and forearm […]

Amazon. comAre You Sick And Tired Of Working Your Butt Off In The Gym With Little Results To Show For Your Efforts?Would You Like To Learn Exactly How To Blast Through Training Plateaus And Double Your Muscle Gains?. . . then this DVD set will teach you REAL, HARDCORE, muscle building exercise to help transform […]

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Try this weight training routine and get as sculpted as possible and as soon as possible. To push your body to the next level, you have to change your weight training program and avoid getting stuck in the rut. Many people actually are in a plateau phase which they did not know of and in […]

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If you follow a weight training routine it’s very important to do the right exercises to increase overall muscle mass and strength. This is especially true for novice weight trainers. Doing too many isolation exercises at the expense of the major compound exercises won’t help you build the muscle size and strengthyou’re looking for. Even […]

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One of the most popular muscle groups to focus upon is the chest, with many bodybuilders seeking significant muscle mass in the pecs through performing many sets of heavy bench pressing. Despite most weight lifting routines centering upon the bench press as the main upper body muscle building exercise, there are numerous bodybuilders who produce […]

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If you want to get yourself a set of ripped abs quick you are going to have to put in some hard work. Your current overall level of fitness will go along ways to determining just how fast you can whip your abs into shape. The greater your level of body fat the longer it […]

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The quickest way to add size to your arms that makes a visual impact is to build up your triceps. And if you’re serious about building big, muscular triceps, this is the list for you! But before I give you my Top 5 list for triceps-building success, let me explain my how I created this list.

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1) Deadlift- Not many weight training exercises work as many muscle groups and build muscle as fast as the deadlift. The neck, traps, upper, middle, and lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, biceps, forearms, and abs are all utilized in the deadlift. No other exercise is a better test of overall body power.