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So you want big biceps and you are wondering “what bicep exercises Should I do?” Yes you have tried all the bicep exercise like standing bicep curl but you are not seeing the gains you want Another good bicep exercise you have used is the preacher curl but again no gains to speak off When it comes to the best bicep exercises there are no set good ones, they all work but the magic happens when you do them the right away , in the right bicep workouts and in the right timing and in this article I will share a few bicep growing tips with you The second exercise is one arm preacher curls with good form. The third exercise is concentration curls. To build big bicep select on of the most forgotten bicep exercises which is the hammer curl The hammer curl is crucial for big arms because it makes you arms wide So start your bicep workout with standing barbell curls with a cambered bar or an Olympic bar. This bicep exercise has been known to work the full biceps and to add muscle size. Next perform the preacher curl and use a two handed grip and when you perform this correctly you will develop a nice biceps peak. And the next exercise is the dumbbell curls, the best way to do this bicep exercise is to do them alternating, do one rep with one arm and then do another rep with the other arm It is one of the best bicep exercises for building depth and thickness to your biceps A little more on the best bicep exercise –namely the hammer curl, remember that with the hammer curls, you are primarily working the forearm muscles and the outside part of biceps. Do this bicep exercise correctly and you will add some size to the arm, but you should not focus just on this part as you would be limiting your arm growth. Ignore one of the most known bicep exercises namely the bicep concentration curls. Doing preacher curls and pausing at the top will give you the same results as you can lift bigger weights A good bicep workout with the right bicep exercises would look like this barbell curls- 5 sets; 10-12 reps preacher curls- 3sets; 10-12 reps alternating dumbbell curls- 3 sets; 10-12 reps This bicep workout is great for any beginner and it should makes your arms noticeably bigger in a few short weeks Do this just twice a week and you will grow. This is a good selection of bicep exercises but if you want to know little known secrets that will get your biceps growing like weeds then look at this site below by clicking this link

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