The back biceps exercises and workout, if I am going to workout any body part with my biceps it is going to be the back.
The reason why I exercise my back with biceps is because I get a great pre exhausted pump in my biceps from the back workout.
Also I love to super set the back with biceps, I do not do this to often because it is quite demanding, as the back muscles are a big group of muscles and take allot of energy from me on every exercise, 
and do not leave much energy for my biceps exercises.
So the superset workout would only be put in place if I wanted to shock the muscles back into growth or losing weight, as supper setting is a great way of losing body fat, because of the way the workout does not allow your heart rate to drop for long.
The back biceps exercises and workout I am going to show you is a superset workout.
So remember do not do this workout week in week out as you will start to overtrain.

1. start with seated close grip pull downs to the chest for the back super set with seated incline bench concentration curls for the biceps, do 1 warm up set for back and biceps, then increase the weight in every exercise until you get to a rep range of about 6-7 reps.
Do not allow for any rest between exercises just keep going. You should be doing about 3-4 sets per body part.

2. Move from here giving the back and biceps 2-3 minutes to recover.
For the back we are going to do t-bar rows with a close grip.
And for the biceps ez barbell curl.
Repeat the exercise as it was done in the first part of the workout.

3. For the back wide grip pull downs, pull the bar with a shoulders width grip to your chest.
And for the biceps reverse ez bar curl, when bringing the bar up to your chest lift your elbows up about four inches from your sides this will allow you to squeeze the muscle better at the top of the movement.

These two exercises are done the same as the two previous examples.
This will be enough for your biceps do not forget they are only a small muscle group and can be easily overtrained.

4. Bent over rows with dumbbells superset this time with seated wrist curls, make sure the wrist curls do not go below 12 reps as they respond better to high reps.
But keep the rows the same as the previous exercises going up in weight and down in reps. 

Finish the workout with behind the back barbell wrist curls but with a close grip so the hands are almost touching.

Remember in all exercises stretch the back biceps and wrist during the exercises and in-between also to squeeze the muscles at the top of every movement.
This really is key to getting the best from your back biceps workout.

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back biceps workout

Back Biceps workout


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