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The majority of bodybuilders train by one of the standard workout routines. They may begin the week by hitting the chest and triceps first. Then they’ll probably want to do back and biceps. Next comes a day to hit the shoulders, and then the legs the day after that, and before you know it they have a standard workout routine.
After sticking to that workout routine over several years, and something starts to take place. Take a second to think about it. After many years of training the chest before the triceps, it would seem that the chest has far more resources available in order to be trained properly and grow. It has nearly a full few days of absolute rest when the area isn’t being trained. After resting it gets the first slot in the workout routine. This results in the triceps being less well developed. By the time the triceps get hit in the workout, you’ve already been training the chest for up to an hour.
After a few years, you’ll be able to notice that the triceps get a lot less body resources than the chest does, this can result in the triceps being improperly developed and becoming a weak muscle group. Priority training can help with this problem.
Priority training has two specific techniques. The first and probably most popular is to train the weaker body part at the start of the workout. Go to the gym, do the proper warming up exercises, then engage in a total triceps workout. Once you’ve become accustomed to saving the triceps for the end of the workout, a good forty-minute session of only triceps in the beginning will feel crazy! Once that is done, switch over to training the chest. You’ll instantly take note that the triceps are all of a sudden the weaker part of the routine.
But this isn’t necessarily bad; in fact some desire it. So after containing their own emphasis to begin the workout, and then continued by nearly another hour of training when they are already tired, the triceps will get hit harder than they ever have. A cautious point to remember is reducing the amount of weight for chest workouts, as the triceps will most likely be pushed to failure after being trained before the chest.
Priority training is not a thing that should be used all year. Even in this situation the chest is placed at a disadvantage. Using this training for a whole year would result in the chest being weaker, and chest is one of the most important muscle groups to develop properly. Priority training should usually last for about a month, and then the standard routine should resume to ensure that the primary muscle area of the day doesn’t become weaker.

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