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As a boy I was fascinated with physical power and couldn’t get enough of the old Hercules and Samson movies. I loved watching these heroes use their super-human strength to toss boulders and bad guys all over the movie screen. I also marveled at the powerful images of my favorite comic book super heroes, and I quickly associated their incredible feats of strength with having big, muscular arms. During grade school I discovered the bodybuilding magazines that featured some of the all-time great bodybuilders. I spent hours studying these magazines and the huge, chiseled physiques that sprang from their pages.

By the time I was 14 years old I’d successfully begged my mom for a weightlifting set – you know, the old school beginner’s barbell with the plastic sand-filled “plates. ” I then started building a pair of GUNS that I hoped would one day rival the cannons of great bodybuilders like Leroy Colbert, Robbie Robinson and Albert Beckles. These guys were my favorites because, in addition to having gigantic arms, they had “peaks” on their biceps that looked like mountain tops. In trying to build my own “peaks,” I developed a passion for arm training that I ultimately used to build my entire body into a championship physique.

Even before I got involved in competitive bodybuilding, my passion for arm training paid dividends in my junior high school wrestling and high school football endeavors. Whenever I stepped on the mat or gridiron, I never had to worry that my opponent might be stronger than I was (and the honeys in the stands didn’t mind letting me that know that my arms were looking good too!). My early success in these strength related sports sparked my belief that building up my arms not only improved my strength and physical appearance, but it also produced success in sports and was absolutely essential to every element of total body fitness.

This realization further fueled my passion for arm training. Even though I’m no longer a competitive athlete, I challenge myself every time I go through an arm workout or look in the mirror to make some improvement – no matter how small – in my arm strength and total body fitness. Without a passion for arm training, which for me is a deep sense of personal delight in building Truly Awesome Arms™, I couldn’t have achieved the bodybuilding success that I still enjoy today.

With proper training methods, you too will develop a passion for arm training that will help you to maximize your biceps building potential. Arm training is fun, and you should never think of your biceps building workouts as “work. ” Instead, you should anticipate and enjoy the curls, rows and other exercises that you’ll do as you build your own set of impressive GUNS. You should approach your training sessions with a “fire in the belly” that compels you to challenge yourself to get the most from each and every arm building exercise. With this passion for the process of building big, muscular biceps you’ll surely succeed in reaching your bodybuilding goals.

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