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So you want to know how to big build biceps? Well it is no secret that every lifter out there in the gym wants to build those big muscular arms and they usually place arm training as one of their main focus areas in their training.
The funny thing is that despite being at the top of priorities for most people at the gym. The vast majority of trainees actually have a very poor understanding of what it takes to stimulate maximum arm growth.
The reality is, it is actually pretty simple. I am not saying it is easy but fundamentally it is very straight forward. In order to lay the ground work let me explain three main truths for you when it comes to stimulating arm growth.
Number one, when you look at the biceps and triceps they are actually small muscle groups. Number two your biceps are heavily stimulated every time you perform a basic pulling movement for your back. Your triceps are heavily stimulated every time you perform a basic pressing movement for your chest or your shoulders.
So keeping this in mind, the vital thing you should realize is that as far as maximizing your arm growth is concerned  your biceps and triceps do not require too much direct stimulation, small indirect amounts will work wonders for you.
If you want to achieve maximum muscle growth simplify your workouts, cut back on your training volume, reduce your frequency and stick to only the basic exercises. You do not need any fancy techniques in order to properly build your arms in the gym

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