Tricep Exercises Routine

Posted: 29th October 2010 by Darren in triceps training
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The best tricep supersets are those that hit the muscle from all angles. This workout will use fundamental tricep exercises (ex. overhead lying tricep extensions, cable tricep pulldowns, tricep kick backs etc. ) and superset them doing a two combo exercise with a 70 second rest between sets. Place a curl bar at the head of a bench. Sit down, grab the bar with an overhand, narrow grip, and lie down on your back, pushing the weight up and straight over your chest. Bend at the elbows lowering the weight behind your head. And they let you use more weights to force your triceps to be pushed to the max. The more muscle groups you use, such as in a compound exercise the better because it forces your body to release more anabolic hormones which help build your muscles faster. You are going to start with 20 bench dips, so either do 20 bench dips with your own body weight or add some additional weight on your thighs so you can do 20. Once complete, pick a weight that you can perform 10 barb bells curls and jump right into it. Once complete, go right back to bench dips and do another 10 reps. To finish off circuit 1, do 20 barb bell curls. You then want to rest no more than 90 seconds and repeat the circuit. In order to complete this bicep and tricep arm assault workout, do the entire circuit 3 times. When performing each rep of each set remember to keep good form and focus on slowing the weight when you are bringing back to the starting position. This is called holding the negative and is very important when trying to build, strengthen and define your triceps. You will probably feel your triceps shaking and feel the burn if you are doing it right and if the next day after the workout, your triceps are extremely sore, you know you’ve done the exercise correctly and hit the nail on the head. This exercise without a doubt is the best mass building exercise you can possibly perform to get big biceps. The purpose of the standing barbell curl is to develop overall size of the biceps. It has been a highly regarded exercise throughout bodybuilding history for many pro bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Lou Ferrigno and Ronnie Coleman, just to mention a few. You should make this exercise one of your best friends. Back stress can also be reduced using these exercises and you will never be avoiding lifting any kinds of weight. In case of lighter weights make sure that these are being used in proper form. To reduce arm fat Aerobic activity is an excellent method. Doing aerobic activity needs regular basis of burn away extra arm fat. The most beneficial facts are loss of arm fat; perform less stress training for arms before and after every aerobic work out. This will lead to burn the fat in effective manner. Step up Exercise (simple exercise that can be done in office ) – You are returning from your lunch and you know taking the stairs instead of the lift is better for your body , but there’s more to it than putting one foot in front of the other. To activate your glutes and thighs, you will need your upper leg parallel to the ground, so climbing one step at a time wont work. Attempt to climb at least two at a time. And slowly, stopping briefly after each movement so you don’t isolate your muscles and just rely on momentum. Aim to take at least 30 flights of stairs daily.

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