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When weight trainees think arm training, they usually first think of training biceps and all sorts of curl movements.   However, the triceps make up about two thirds of the upper arm mass!  If you want to build your arms to their fullest potential, you need to focus on the triceps.   Here is one of the best tricep workouts you can do to get huge arms.
1. Close-grip bench press
Extension movements like skull crushers and pressdowns are important, but you’re going to need to build some serious strength on pressing exercises to build big triceps.   The first exercise in good tricep workouts should be the close-grip bench press.   Perform this exercise like you would a normal bench press, but bring your hands in so that they are about shoulder-width apart.   You should also make sure to keep your elbows tucked as you move the weight, both to keep your shoulders healthy and to work the triceps more.   Warm up and then do 2-3 heavy sets of 4-6 reps to failure.   Make sure you have a spotter!
2. Dips
Another pressing movement that is excellent for the triceps, the dips are one of the best overall upper-body mass builders out there.   Take a relatively narrow grip if your gym’s dip bars are angled, and use a range of motion that is just right – not too short and not too long.   You’ll have to figure out what works your triceps best, but don’t get too big an ego and start trying to move tons of weight with a two-inch movement.   Do 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps, and add weight with a chain belt once you are strong enough.
3. Skull crushers
Skull crushers, or simple barbell extensions, are a key part of everyone’s tricep workouts.   Using either a straight barbell or an EZ bar if your wrists are sensitive, start with the bar held straight over your upper chest.   Bring it down to either your neck or forehead, making most of the movement happen around the elbow joint.   You can use a little bit of swing if the strict movement is too hard on your elbows.   Work up to two sets of 10-12 reps.   You can go heavier if your elbows allow, but too much weight can hurt the joints pretty badly.
4. Pressdowns
By this time in your tricep workouts, your arms are going to be pretty fatigued and unable to balance any more heavy free weights.   Head on over to the cable station, pick your favorite attachment (straight bar, V-bar, etc. ) and perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 reps on the pressdown.   Make sure you keep strict form and really get a good pump going in the triceps.   Then you’re done!

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