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A washboard stomach is a thing of beauty but to get one and maintain it there is more than just following a diet and exercises program.

You have to know the little things that make the difference between a good washboard stomach and a pro washboard stomach.

Follow these steps and see how much it makes a difference to your abs.

1. Keep constant tension on the stomach area the abs recover quickly so don’t allow at any point in your exercise to not have the abs under tension. This can be done by just stopping short at the bottom of the movement and squeezing at the top.

2. Take defined rest in-between sets.

After completing a set take about 60 seconds rest (unless you are super setting) this will allow you abs to recover. As if you start to early you won’t reach your targeted rep rang.

3. Exhale in the peak-contracted position.

Hold your breath until you reach the top of the movement for a more intense squeeze.

If you exhale to early this reduces the intra-abdominal pressure, and this doesn’t allow you to contract your stomach muscles as-well.

4. Try not to use explosive movements as this takes away allot of the tension on the abs.

Doing slow controlled movements will keep more pressure on the stomach this leading to a better washboard stomach.

5. At the top of each movement make sure you hold and squeeze for at least one count, this will work the abs harder and you will be less likely to speed through the exercise

6. Don’t lock your hands behind your head, this will increase the likelihood you’ll pull on your head and disrupt your spinal alignment.

Instead lightly put your fingers at the side of the head touching your temples.

Also don’t put your chin on your chest when doing any stomach exercise.

Apply all of these tips to you workouts and watch the washboard stomach start to come through. 

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washboard Stomach

washboard Stomach

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