What To Do About Bicep Tendonitis?

Posted: 27th October 2010 by Darren in Bicep Exercises
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What is Bicep Tendonitis? 
Bicep Tendonitis is a condition that affects the area between the bicep muscles, where it meets the front of the shoulder. It hardly occurs on it own and often Bicep Tendonitis is often called as bicipital tendonitis. Athletes are most common people who suffer from bicep tendonitis. It develops because of a rotator cuff tendonitis. Bicep tendonitis is mostly ignored in the early stage and develops into a serious complication.
Symptoms of Bicep Tendonitis
The most common symptoms of Bicep Tendonitis is as follows:
(a)  There will some pain when you move your shoulder or arm.
(b)  There will be pain if you raise your arm above your shoulder
(c)  When your shoulder is touched you will feel the pain
(d)  Shoulder may be red and swollen or you may feel a burning sensation around the shoulder
(e)  You pain gets worse in the night or while get up in the morning
Causes of Bicep Tendonitis:
1. Repetitive use
The most common cause of Bicep Tendonitis is repetitive use and the strain caused due to the usage. Repetitive strain and usage can come in many forms and many sources. This condition is often developed by people who work on factories that are because due to their repetitive nature of work. Athletes and sports persons do develop tendonitis due to the repetitive movements involved in their sports.  
 2. Tendonitis because of Age:
When humans get older it is a natural process that tendons get harder and lose their elasticity. Due to this the joints will not able to move freely and the flexibility will be lost. As people get older they are tend to develop Bicep Tendonitis. From research it has been found that when body gets aged the changes in blood vessels affect the tendons.
 3. Too Much strain
Bicep Tendonitis due strain is the major cause among the bodybuilders and athletes. It tends to develop when the athletes and bodybuilders put the tendons under too much strain without any proper warming up. Or the more strain that the tendons could not manage. This can be avoided by corrective training techniques.
 4. Due to Injury
It is common for a Tendonitis to develop due to an injury. For example Bicep Tendonitis is caused by the result of shoulder or rotator cuff tendonitis. In these circumstances the tendonitis develops because the injury has not completely healed. This kind of cause can be easily avoided by allowing ample rest to injured part.
Treatment for Bicep tendonitis
 – The treatment is mostly resting the affected area and slowly getting into action after proper rest.
– The basic treatment is to rest the affected area from making any more activities.
– All the over head exercise should be avoided.
– It’s better to apply ice pack every for 4 hours till the pain gets reduced.
– The best thing to do for Bicep Tendonitis is to rest the affected area. The affected area should get a rest of minimum 2 to 3 weeks.
How to Prevent?
As the saying goes ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It is always advised to warm up before any kind of exercise and should stretch and cool down after the exercise. If there is any little pain in the bicep area then apply Ice pack immediately. That will help to reduce the pain.

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