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For many men and women, the abs are a critical area of the body that they wish to exercise and improve. As we get older, and due to the high pace of our lives, inevitably we put on weight and a little belly fat, which hides our abdominal muscles. The abdominal area is recognised as one of the most difficult to target of all muscle groups! You’ve decided you want to tone up your midsection – so what now? where do you start?What can we do to shed our layer of belly fat and improve the condition of our ab muscles?The first step to a sexy toned muscular midsection is a little cardio, depending on how much (or if) you’re overweight. You will only see the benefits of a serious piece of exercise equipment like an ab belt if you first shed the layer of belly fat covering your ab muscles. Some easy ways to start burning some of your belly fat for free at home, are jogging, walking and eating a more healthy balanced diet – so cut out the sugarry soda’s and the deep fried foods we all love, and drink mineral water, juice and eat salads, a little pasta and foods that are high in fiber. This will get you feeling better, as well as start to burn some belly fat. Once you have lost a few pounds from your belly, you can then move on to using something like an ab belt to help sculpt your stronger core!Thankfully, these days there are widely available products to help us work and tone our abdominal muscles, with very little effort. We can, in fact strengthen our abs while we sit watching TV, while we cook dinner or drive the car, or walk. How do we do this so easily and quickly and conveniently? We can do this with an ab toning belt. An ab belt is an extremely safe effective way of toning up stubborn hard to reach abdominal muscles – ab belts use the same technology used by Bruce Lee and doctors to treat those with muscular problems. You wear an electronic ab belt right over your abs, so it targets them directly. An ab belt will be very effective in training the abs, as abdominal muscles need a very small range of movement to cause them to work – unlike, for example the biceps which would not increase with use of the same EMS technology you use in your ab belt. One thing to watch out for when buying an ab belt is the claims the manufacturer makes about its product. For example, the Contour Abs belt claims it will make you lose upto 3 inches from your waist in a few weeks. This is just not the case, and the type of reason that ab belts are thought of as a scam. An ab belt can NOT make you lose weight or burn fat!

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